• Hiding Jekyll - JoJo (Extended Mix)
  • Hiding Jekyll - JoJo (Dub Mix)
  • Hiding Jekyll - JoJo (NOB vs. Sweep Remix)
  • Hiding Jekyll - JoJo (Palerider Remix)
  • Hiding Jekyll - JoJo (Levitation Remix)


Hiding Jekyll - JoJoHiding Jekyll - Good 014
Hiding Jekyll - Lable Tennis


Valerio Karg’s playful approach to the world of electronic music production corresponds to the character he displays as a self made man. Thus, it explains the way he handles his live presentation in a very playful fashion.

Encountering a sequencer and a drum machine in the studio of his brother around the year 2000 set the 13 year old immediately in motion. Every time his brother’s band paused for a cigarette, the teenager fiddled about the knobs trying to tackle the problem of how to program a beat. At the age of 16, the newborn producer acquired his first computer he uses for his first studio ventures. First influences range from the trippy sounds of acts such as Massive Attack to the opposite corner in electronic music, namely Goa and Trance. What he brought to fruition was in the vein of Bristol’s Trip Hop fame: Together with befriended MC Kelly Bowden, who fancied Tricky’s way of toasting, Valerio performed as Elastics. It was also Kelly who suggested Hiding Jekyll as his band mates’ present artist name. The relaxed atmosphere of that musical period helped to develop the House- and Techno sound Valerio is producing by now. The album-tracks in the making are suited for listening and for dancefloor action as well.

Backed by some encouraging feedback from musical collegues, an inner urge to produce music not only for self-indulgence grew larger. The long-lasting process which went along with the testing of various digital set up-situations finally matured to become a real live act in springtime 2012. Valerio’s ambition to organize the material in a way which makes it possible to manipulate single tracks, thus comprising a unique live performance which can’t be repeated another time, is his strife for authenticity. This is the core of Hiding Jekyll, a name which is synonymous with his activities as a live unit.

But there are DJ activities too. Those ventures are undertaken by a team of two people, namely Valerio plus musical companion and friend Lion Graf who had to persuade his future partner to become a DJ. After the initial success of a live performance, the two had an opportunity to a residence job, but none of them had actually ever spun records. So they sat down and organized the tracks to-the-minute for a party in only three days. Nowadays, the DJ Gigs are a good opportunity to check Valerio’s track layouts in real-time situations. They’ve never had a let-down so far, which is the best and most honest feedback you can get from a crowd. The two DJs perform under the name Mirrormade Project stylistically music akin to Hiding Jekyll which means a vibrant mixture of Tech-, Deep-House and Techno.