• More Than Ever People (Jelly & Fish In Too Deep Remix)
  • More Than Ever People (Jelly & Fish Classic Remix)
  • More Than Ever People (Jelly & Fish Black Sea Remix)


Summer Breeze


Jelly & Fish are Chris and Marcell aka Palerider and DJ Sweep. The two met in the early nineties when Techno and Trance were the current styles in European clubs and started producing together. Before starting their collaboration as Jelly & Fish they formed the project Levitation together with Ingmar Hansch aka Ingmarlo. They have been featured on countless Lounge and ChillOut compilations throughout the following years. Foremost the infamous Cafe Del Mar Series with one of ChillOut’s most iconic hits More Than Ever People on the Cafe Del Mar Volumen Cinco. Thanks to José Padilla who has always played the song at sunset at the Cafe Del Mar in Ibiza making it the huge success it has become.

However, Chris and Marcell always had a soft spot for a more urban, energetic style of music production which led to their own project Jelly & Fish fusing Techno, Breakbeat, Electronica and sometimes taking a trip to the ChillOut Genre. The single Appreciation always stood in the shadow of More Than Ever People when it was released and featured too on the Cafe Del Mar Volumen Cinco. Their first album has been released by Virgin Records in 1998 followed by the singles Appreciation and Take Me Higher.

The project has evolved ever since, picking up musical influences from various club music styles and finally 2014 will see the re-release of their album from 1998 In Too Deep and the two singles on Newpool Music.
Chris and Marcell started resurrecting Jelly & Fish as a live act in 2013. Their style has evolved into a more four to the floor oriented beat structure strongly influenced by the House and NuDisco genres but always thinking out of the box. Shortly after the album re-release a new single featuring the new sound will be released. Stay tuned for the next 15 years.