• CRUSHBOYS - In The VIP (feat. 2Nyce)






Barely one month ago that the last single We All Need The Love feat. Miami Beat Wave / A.G Lyonz (NPM0008) has gained wide recognition in the world of electronic dance music, and the Crushboys raise the level in the spheres of peaktime anthems again. “In the V.I.P.” has been polished to become a true gem. Again, the M.B.W.-studio in Florida was the place where the production took place, but this time DJ Technique and Ulrich Hilbel went there just to witness the stunning performance of guest rap-artist 2NYCe who contributed the vocal-lines to the track. They took the rough master to the Club Space where P. Diddy’s tour-DJ Radamas dropped the tune three times at the party. Each time the reaction of the crowd was testimony to what this sound is made for: it simply raised the roof.

The irresistible combination of contemporary EDM and the flow of popular Latin Rap MC 2NYCe was already explosive in 2011, when the Crushboys remixed Miami Beat Wave’s “Party Don’t Stop”. Thus, the doors where wide open for another collaboration when the two Munich-based producers hit the studio in Florida.

After the dramatic build up, which gets lifted by 2 NYCe’s list of glamourous party-factors, the tune breaks down only to shift gears with a bombastic baseline. Driven by this electrifying House stomp, the MC takes the track back to the oldschool, representing who’s in the place and making further statements what the action is all about. Naturally, the Crushboys plus MC enjoy the party-making with the notorious models and fitting vehicles like Ferraris and Lamborghinis in the promotional video. The message is “You can feel like a V.I.P. and have a blast without the bling bling and the Gangster attitude conveyed by the cliché-ridden posture you get with recent R’n’B and Rap vids. You don’t even need a party, you can have it anytime, anyplace.”

The whole package is loaded with three remixes which each in its own right serves another floor. The Deep House- and Tech House-affinicado will find delight in Elec Brown‘s stripped-down version juxtaposed to the big room feeling of the original. The creators of “In The V.I.P.” themselves render two further remixes. DJ Technique raises the level of pungency in the vein of Benny Benassi and Ulrich Hilbel delivers a harder edge even. His transcription reads like a chapter in the book of Dutch DJs like Hardwell and Nicky Romero, which means a rather rough and ready go on the take.